Welcome on Shun's Website...

Some answers to basic questions you are asking yourself...
What am I doing here ? 
I don't know... but you should have clicked on a broken link...
Seriously, this web site is about mycology, humor and english irregular verbs. It also contains some pictures of Equinoxe and other personal pictures.
Basically, if you don't know what means the word "mycology", if you are not in the mood to have a laugh today, if you don't give a monkey of english irregular verbs and if you don't have the password to access to my personal pictures, you're totaly lost in the middle of Internet and I can do nothing for you expect advising you to switch off your computer ASAP !
Who is Shun ? 
I don't know if you are really interested in who I am ! Whatever it is not the purpose of these pages, If you'd like to know who you are dealing with, I think a good resume (at least for a technical point of view) can be found in my Curiculum Vitae (PDF format).
I already know your website, so what's new here ? 
Last update : 04/01/2003